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All-on-4 │ Dentures in one day with an implant-supported bridge

Through our All-on-4 treatment, we provide you with a solid denture within a day. Due to the short duration of treatment and the various possibilities of anesthesia, this treatment is also suitable for patients that are suffering from anxiety. Find out more about our All-on-4 treatment in Berlin Mitte and it's benefits.

Teeth in one day

Dentistry has made considerable progress in recent years, which is a blessing for many patients. The results are healthier teeth and less pain. This applies in particular to dental implants. Fixed dentures could even be called an evolution if we consider that it was not too long ago that full removable dentures were the only solution for replacing teeth.

Permanently fixed dental implants look much more natural and have a better feel than loose teeth. In addition, numerous complaints are eliminated. If the prosthesis does not fit properly, redness and inflammation may occur. Due to the palate plate in the upper jaw, many things do not taste as they did before and speaking becomes more difficult.

Nowadays, modern dentistry even goes one step further. Patients who have suffered tooth loss can smile radiantly and chew properly again after just one day of treatment. Our dental practice can convince you of this while we inform you further. Due to regular advanced training and many years of experience, we offer treatments at the highest level and with state-of-the-art technology. We promise you new teeth in one day. You will come to us in the morning and leave our office in the evening with a temporary fixed implant-supported bridge that you can use immediately.

How does the procedure work?

A denture is supported by four to six artificial tooth roots per jaw. The lateral implants are inserted at a 30-degree angle of inclination. Due to the inclination, the implants support and stabilize each other and thus provide sufficient stability with only a few implants. With this method, we usually do not require lengthy bone augmentation.
In contrast to a full denture, the palate remains free. This treatment method does not affect the nerve of the lower jaw or the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw. The temporary denture is firmly screwed to the artificial tooth roots, therefore holding it in place. The final, permanent dental prosthesis fits and looks even better. It is placed after approximately three to four months and replaces the temporary denture.

All advantages at a glance

  • Fixed dentures
  • Reduced treatment duration and shorter healing time
  • Various anaesthesia options
  • Is held securely in place immediately
  • No second surgery appointment required
  • No bone augmentation required
  • Palate-free option through individually designed bridge
  • Co-payment is 30% less compared to conventional methods
  • Reduced treatment time and lower costs than with conventional implants
  • Also possible with removable dentures

What exactly does treatment entail?

Before the operation, we will conduct a consultation. We will discuss the procedure with you in detail and draw up a treatment plan and a breakdown of costs. With the help of 3D X-rays, we will then analyze your teeth and mouth. The digital volume tomography (DVT) lets us determine the height and width of the jawbone. In a second step, we will remove any remaining teeth that are no longer worth preserving and then implant four to six artificial roots into each toothless (edentulous) jaw. Finally, we will provide you with a fixed provisional restoration.

During the course of the entire treatment, we will make absolutely sure that you feel comfortable with us. Our implantologist, dental technician, anesthetist and the assistant have been working together as a well-rehearsed team for years. We will make sure that you have a safe and painless procedure.

Upon completion of a successful treatment, you should not forget the aftercare. This requires thorough oral hygiene and taking care of your implant-supported dentures as well as regular check-up appointments with the dentist. After the area is fully healed, coming in twice a year for a check-up is recommended, including for the removal and cleaning of your teeth.

Which patients benefit from the procedure?

Tooth loss can have many different causes and occur in both young and old alike. Whether it happened after an accident or whether periodontitis went unnoticed for years – when teeth fall out, the quality of life is diminished. Anyone who wants to exchange a removable denture for a fixed denture will benefit from the new method. You will be able to smile, talk and chew again with ease.

As the entire treatment is carried out in just one day, this treatment lends itself to patients suffering from anxiety. The procedure is also possible for patients who have diabetes, osteoporosis and other pre-existing conditions. Together, we will be able to clarify in a detailed consultation ahead of treatment whether or not this method is suitable for you.

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