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Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful and healthy, white teeth - who wouldn't want that?
The condition of our teeth has a decisive influence on our health, our self-esteem and our joy of life. A confident smile is often directly related to personal and professional success. When we have beautiful and healthy teeth we simply feel better. With our modern treatment methods in the field of aesthetic dentistry, we can offer you the chance to have a natural and radiant smile at all times.

The discoloration of our teeth over time is a completely natural process. However, our gentle bleaching process can remedy the staining by making your teeth several shades lighter.


Veneers are thin, translucent shells made of high-performance porcelain. They are very durable, do not become discolored and are highly tolerable.

Dental implants

A missing tooth not only leaves a gap - it can also permanently change and disrupt the function of the entire set of teeth. Implants are a particularly gentle and durable way to close gaps. 

Composite fillings

These types of fillings can withstand high pressure from chewing, mechanically and chemically speaking, and are therefore very durable and tolerable. Composite resin fillings are an excellent alternative to amalgam fillings.

All-ceramic crowns

Crowns are suitable for the restoration of teeth that have severe defects. The crown protects the still intact tooth substance and enables the tooth to be preserved for a long time. The use of ultra-modern ceramics contributes to a natural appearance.

Metal-free crown - completely consisting of high-performance ceramics

Partial crown - completely consisting of ceramic

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